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Opensource IT Security Solutions

  • Implementation of SSO (Single-Sign-On) procedures according to ADAE’s Requirements for Telcos, ISPs, Banks, etc.
  • SSO Apache Authentication Against Active Directory, SSO Proxy Squid Authentication Against Active Directory, SSO vsftpd Authentication Against Active Directory.
  • Web Content Filtering and Anti Virus Services.
  • Integration of OpenSSH with OpenLDAP, Kerberos, Active Directory standards (SSO) with full logging and replay of users’ sessions capabilities.
  • Implementation of Unix/Linux Shell Wrappers, Enterprise like audit Shells.
  • Development of Keyloggers in C Language for the generation of audit logs through Active Directory Polices (windowsXP/2003).
  • RDP Session logging, Video capture, screen captures for windows XP/2003.
  • Implementation / Integration / Configuration of Advanced INTRUSION DETECTION AND PREVENTION solutions for Web Applications security.
  • Implementation of OPENSOURCE Cluster solutions for Web Servers , Reverse Proxies, Web Firewalls, etc for FC & RHEL.
  • Securing OWA with Apache. Apache acts as a reverse proxy, with mod_security enabled for maximum security, as well as an ssl accelerator offloading the BE servers.
  • Centralized logging of Multiple Apache Web Servers to MySQL.
  • Adsi Win32 WebHosting Provisioning Perl Scripts for IIS6.0 ;
– create user
– change user’s password
– delete user/ftp account
– create ftp account
– setup user’s quota
– create Virtual Server
– backup Virtual Server
– delete Virtual Server
– assign Permissions (IIS, F.S)

  • Auto Generation of Webalizer Statistics Integrated with GeoIP (1.5 Millions DNS Lookups/Sec) for IIS6.0 – no human intervention is needed. IIS6.0 is parsed Programmatically through adsi win32 objects. Suitable for Hosting Providers. I have posted the script here ;
  • NMS Services – Monitoring servers, services (mrtg,cacti,rrdtool,etc graphers) through;
– Telnet
– Custom TCP/IP Client/Server Applications (windows,unix)
  • Encryption and/or signing of Ms outlook emails through a CA. The public keys are exchanged through an OpenLDAP which fetches in RO mode users’ certificates from an Active Directory.
  • Installation and customization of OpenSource E-learning Platforms like moodle and OLAT.
  • Mass Migration of MS Active Direcory users with their passwords + Exchange Mboxes to any Messaging system with LDAP Backend or other.
  • Development of Geo location solutions for Apache using GeoIP , Quova APIs , custom MySQL Database design with very fast bit-wise subnetting correlation (ip to country,city,etc.) in C and/or Perl and/or Php
  • Integrating Apache using tomcat’s ajp connector (mod_proxy_ajp), mod_proxy and mod_proxy_balancer modules so as to build cluster/session aware (application level) load balancers for Java application servers like jboss
  • Configuration and seamless Integration between Apache and Tomcat with mod_jk + security settings
  • Installation / Configuration of SUN JES Suite on RHEL
  • Installation, configuration of security mechanisms, for preventing real time DoS / Brute Force attacks for Openssh , vsftpd , httpd , login , pop3 , pop3s , imap , smtp , etc. Attacks are recognized through Linux audit mechanisms, then the hostile IPs are blocked automatically through iptables. The Ban time is fully configurable per service. ( FC/RHEL/CENTOS)
  • Installation, Configuration of Zimbra Collaboration Suite on RHEL5
  • ORACLE 10g Installation / Configuration + RAC
  • MySQL (all versions / platforms) Installation, Configuration, Tunning, Replication (Master/Slave , Multi Master)
  • SqlServer (7.0,2000,2005) Installation, Configuration
  • Opensource Linux Cluster File Systems implementations through iSCSI (Openfiler) + LVM and/or Kernel based
  • Opensource Linux clustered NFS Implementation
  • Integration of LVS Loadbalancer with heartbeat
  • Asterix / Trixbox Installation / Configuration


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