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How to Increase the Entropy in Linux

The Linux Kernel generates entropy from keyboard timings, mouse movements and IDE timings and makes the random character data available to other operating system processes through the special files /dev/random and /dev/urandom. On my laptop the Entropy is around 178. Many times i have got the following message when i try to generate a security … Continue reading

Green Technology – Computing

You want to save money on Electricity? Use Green Technology! I have successfully implemented the Wake-On-LAN standard over Internet. Now you don’t need to leave your computer on continuously so that you are able to access it remotely. I can help you conserve energy and save money as well. How it Works; … In the … Continue reading

How to use metasploit framework

This is for Educational Purposes only !! This Howto shows how to gain access on a remote PC (windows XP Pro SP2) exploiting a known Vulnerability bug with autopwn tool. Installation Howto (ubuntu) $ sudo apt-get install ruby libopenssl-ruby libyaml-ruby libdl-ruby libiconv-ruby $ sudo apt-get install libreadline-ruby irb ri rubygems $ sudo apt-get install subversion … Continue reading

How Phishing Works along with Dns Spoofing

This is for Educational Purposes Only!! This post describes how Phishing works. Many howtos exist on Internet but dont do the job silently and the victim understands that something goes wrong … Attacker’s Side IP: 1. install ettercap 2. install Apache with php support 3. Make sure with ping command that facebook.com points to or … Continue reading