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Send pre-recorded audio/voice messages to many recipients using Asterisk PBX

Asterisk is the ideal solution to perform interactive marketing / political
campaigns to thousands of recipients using all available ISDN channels

Asterisk * PBX LAB Workshop 

1. Network Cisco Switch
2. 1xAsterisk PBX (Linux Server Dual Core + 2G RAM, CENTOS 5.6 OS)
3. 1xSDD 60GB 285MB/S READ 275MB/S WRITE
4. 1xISDN dual port BRI card
5. monitor
6. keyboard
7. mouse
8. Softphones
9. Hardphones
10. 1xlaptop
11. NW cables
12. Recording digital device
13. 1xMulti Socket Power Supply (6 Way Power Strip)
14. 1xUPS

Cases ;

1. IVR MENUS (Interactive Voice Response)
2. Registration of phones to the Asterisk PBX
3. interoffice calls
4. dial plans
5. outgoing calls
6. Prerecorded VOICE messages and autodialing scenarios 

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