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Τιμοκατάλογος Διαφήμισης, Προβολής και Επικοινωνίας Πολιτικών Προσώπων μέσω SMS και Προγματοφωνημένων Ακουστικών Μηνυμάτων Εθνικών Εκλογών 2012

Κυρίες / Κύριοι, Ακουλουθεί Τιμοκατάλογος Διαφήμισης, Προβολής και Επικοινωνίας Πολιτικών Προσώπων μέσω SMS και προγματοφωνημένων ακουστικών μηνυμάτων για Εθνικές Εκλογές 2012. ΚΑΛΗ ΕΠΙΤΥΧΙΑ ! Τιμοκατάλογος Εκλογές 2012 Σημείωση: – Χρησιμοποιείται Άριστη Υλικοτεχνική Υποδομή και Τεχνογνωσία – Απόλυτη Εχεμύθια και Σοβαρότητα

Using m0n0wall to Create a WiFi Captive Portal

  m0n0wall, is a very powereful firewall based on FreeBSD. For the Captive Portal setup, i used ; 1. a diskless PC with 2xethernet ports 2. an Access Point 3. a Broadband ADSL+2 router 4. a switch 5. a compact flash card (from my canon ixus:) 6. my linux laptop to flash the image on … Continue reading

Linux & ZTE MF680 – 3G NW HSPA+ Wireless Modem

COSMOTE’s Internet On The Go 3G Service promises High Speed mobile Internet (42,2 Mbps downlink 5,8 Mbps uplink) See just below my setup ; root@pilio-laptop:~# cat /etc/wvdial.conf [Dialer Defaults] Init1 = ATZ Init2 = ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0 Init3 = AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”internet” Modem Type = Analog Modem Baud = 42000000 New PPPD = … Continue reading

Send pre-recorded audio/voice messages to many recipients using Asterisk PBX

  Asterisk is the ideal solution to perform interactive marketing / political campaigns to thousands of recipients using all available ISDN channels (ISDN BRI/PRI LINES) Asterisk * PBX LAB Workshop 1. Network Cisco Switch 2. 1xAsterisk PBX (Linux Server Dual Core + 2G RAM, CENTOS 5.6 OS) 3. 1xSDD 60GB 285MB/S READ 275MB/S WRITE 4. … Continue reading

Bulk SMS Guaranteed Delivery Service

If you want to promote your business, to advertise products, i reliably undertake mobile marketing campaigns. I provide a fault resilient, very fast, low cost and secure service over SS7 Network! This service is also ideal for ; – Political parties  – Law offices  – Insurance agencies  – Clubs  – Restaurants  – Hotels  – Travel agencies  … Continue reading

Opensource IT Security Solutions

Implementation of SSO (Single-Sign-On) procedures according to ADAE’s Requirements for Telcos, ISPs, Banks, etc. SSO Apache Authentication Against Active Directory, SSO Proxy Squid Authentication Against Active Directory, SSO vsftpd Authentication Against Active Directory. Web Content Filtering and Anti Virus Services. Integration of OpenSSH with OpenLDAP, Kerberos, Active Directory standards (SSO) with full logging and replay … Continue reading

Streaming & Unified Messaging Solutions

Installation /Configuration of PacketVideo’s Streaming Platform (Solaris8,SPARC) + encoder (windows 2003) installation / configuration using WINNOV’s Videum Quattro acquisition cards with multiple encoded downstreams per source – ideal solution for mobile operators (RTSP) Installation / Configuration of MS Media Server (Windows 2000,2003) + MS encoder Installation / Configuration of Openfire 3.5.2 (unix,linux) integration with MSN, … Continue reading

Linux High Availability (Linux-HA)

Linux-HA – RHEL 5.3 x86_64 installation Notes 1.Install the following Prerequisite packages # yum install e2fsprogs-devel.x86_64 # yum install glib2-devel.x86_64 # yum install gnutls-devel.x86_64 # yum install ncurses-devel.x86_64 # yum install pam-devel.x86_64 # yum install python-devel.x86_64 # yum install perl-TimeDate.noarch 2.Download LINUX-HA Packages from openSUSE repo; http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/server:/ha-clustering/RHEL_5/x86_64/ – heartbeat-2.99.2-8.1.x86_64.rpm – heartbeat-common-2.99.2-8.1.x86_64.rpm – heartbeat-resources-2.99.2-8.1.x86_64.rpm – libheartbeat2-2.99.2-8.1.x86_64.rpm … Continue reading

Apache seems to be eating RAM – How to reduce the memory footprint of apache using an alternative Apache other than Linux’s Pre-Packaged

#./configure \ –with-included-apr \ –prefix=/opt/apache_worker \ –with-mpm=worker –enable-so \ –enable-unique-id \ –enable-proxy –enable-proxy-http –enable-proxy-ftp \ –enable-proxy-ajp –enable-proxy-balancer \ –enable-rewrite –enable-headers –enable-setenvif \ –enable-logio \ –enable-expires \ –enable-ssl \ –enable-deflate –enable-cache –enable-file-cache –enable-mem-cache –enable-disk-cache \ –disable-autoindex –disable-asis –disable-cgi –disable-cgid \ –disable-negotiation –disable-userdir #make && make install

MySQL Driven Apache NCSA Log Parser – Linux Ansi C (gcc)

mysql> desc apacheLog; +———+————–+——+—–+———+——-+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | +———+————–+——+—–+———+——-+ | myDATE | datetime | NO | | NULL | | | hosts | varchar(255) | NO | | NULL | | | method | char(4) | NO | | NULL | | | url | varchar(255) … Continue reading

keepalived with VRRP and LVS Support under RHEL 5.3 x86_64

# yum -y install kernel-devel # yum install openssl-devel # wget http://www.keepalived.org/software/keepalived-1.1.17.tar.gz # wget http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/linux- # tar zxvf linux- # cp -r linux- /lib/modules/2.6.18-128.el5/build/net/ # ./configure –with-kernel-dir=/lib/modules/2.6.18-128.el5/build Keepalived configuration ———————— Keepalived version : 1.1.17 Compiler : gcc Compiler flags : -g -O2 Extra Lib : -lpopt -lssl -lcrypto Use IPVS Framework : Yes IPVS sync … Continue reading

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